Project Managed Training Transfer

To be undertaken after the training is complete, whether at the end of 6 or 9 modules.

The Project will require the identification of an important process that requires adjustment to improve performance.

The aim of the project is to enable the trainees to transfer their new planning, organising etc. skills into the working environment and to evidence the transfer in terms of business performance improvement. The assessment is both subjective and objective as it is looking to establish that a manager has acquired both new skills and improved sense of confidence (self-efficacy) through applied practice. The following chart shows the transfer process in place.

The matrix below shows how a process can be turned into a small project where each manager is able to show how they have applied their new skills to a previously defined internal operating process e.g. Sales Order Processing, Quality Control, Production Line etc.

Each manager provides a perceived assessment of their ability to apply the new skills which is scored. The scores are then used to drive future personal development planning.

Project Managed Training Transfer

A Worked Example

Management Development Training Transfer Matrix (The Primary Documents Project)
Document 1.Document 2.Document 3.Document 4.Document 5.Result
The Initial Process Assessment
Internal External
The PlanThe Monthly ReportThe Internal / External Audit against planThe Review ReportSign-off as competent
Manager – Evidence of Training Transfer – AB

A record of the manager’s scores are retained as a chart to be used as a template for future development.

In the two charts below we see manager AB scoring well with an average of 76%, their development opportunities are in the improvement of their skills for documents 2 and 4; also in their Planning skills.

The aim, over time is to improve the scores to 100% competency.

5. Documents Training Transfer – Manager AB

5. Functions Training Transfer – Manager AB

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