Defining Pre-Training Self-Efficacy

A successful management development programme starts as a project and finishes as an integrated process.

Self -Efficacy is defined as a personal belief of one’s own capabilities to organise and execute the actions needed to manage prospective situations.

*Bandura (1995)

We know that these beliefs can be altered overtime through training and that leaders can be motivated to learn if they understand the reasons why there is a training need (linking business performance to market needs).

The following process shows how each manager progresses from their current personal beliefs in their own capabilities to a future where their new learning can be successfully transferred into the working environment.

  • 1. Pre-Training Self-Efficacy

    A personal belief in one’s own capabilities.

  • 2. Pre-Training Motivation

    A positive desire to gain knowledge / knowledge.

  • 3. Linking Self-Efficacy to Training Motivation

  • 4. Training Performance

    The delivery of the Training Experience.

  • 5. Training Transfer

    The practical delivery of the new knowledge / Learning.

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