A Review of the Programme

Our online, self-efficacy assessment.

We also provide, as part of a manager’s on-going personal development, a FREE online, self-efficacy assessment where they are able to choose various words used in the working environment and measure their sense of their own abilities / capabilities.

The assessment can be used for group or individual development as part of their on-going personal development programme.

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Analysis of the Assessment Scores

  • Overall 67% – You perceive your performance level as Senior Manager.
  • Your mechanical score (Process) is 73% – You perceive your efficacy in this aspect as strong.
  • An area of development could be Planning (60%).
  • Your Dynamic score (Relationships) is 60% – You perceive your efficacy in this aspect as less strong.
  • Areas of development would be Frustration Management (40%) and Culture (60%), you list your dynamic strength as Development.
  • Your Systemic score (Business Overview/Big Picture) as 67% – You perceive your efficacy in this aspect as strong.
  • Your two areas of development would be Leading (60%) and Direction (60%).
  • You list your Systemic strength as Growth.

Overall you perceive your self-efficacy as high, the stand out focus for personal development is to look afresh at ‘Frustration’ and your perception of Dynamic Management in general.

Training Outcomes

  • Measurable Training Transfer - newly applied skills in the working environment.

  • Improved knowledge and understanding of Operational, Tactical and Strategic Management skills

  • Improved knowledge of how to link management training to business performance improvements

  • Improved knowledge of project management change processes

  • Improved confidence in terms of personal awareness of self-efficacy.

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