What is Training Transfer?

Our programmes are designed to ensure as much knowledge as possible is transferred into the working environment

Our Development Process

How managers progress as they embark on our training programme and increase efficacy throughout your organisation

Our Training Programme

Nine modules designed to introduce managers to the concept and definition of management as a functional set of skills

Our specialism

What we do

We specialise in ‘Training Transfer’; the process of ensuring that new knowledge gained in the training environment is practically transferred into the working milieu thereby enabling managers to learn through applied practice and for business improvements to be achieved.

We know, that without successful transfer, the new knowledge gained in the training environment is less likely (less than 10%*) to lead to improved learning or business performance improvement.

* VanBuren (2000) – Society for Training and Development

We create effective managers

How we do it

As a consultancy, we recognise that in order to best align the business to the market needs we need to help organisations create effective managers. To do this, we enable managers to change their personal belief (their self-efficacy) of their own capabilities through a safe structured training process that provides them with new knowledge, a space to think, and a clearer understanding of the task.

We achieve this through our integrated Management Development Programme as follows:

  • 1. Introduction to management

    A simple ½ day session to engage managers in what the management function is.

  • 2. Management Training

    5 x ½ day training sessions on the functions of management.

  • 3. Advanced Senior Management Training

    3 x ½ day sessions on Strategic Management.

  • 4. Project Managed Change

    A short Consultancy led Project Managed Change Programme to ensure Training Transfer – 3 days.

  • 5. Interim Management

    A Consultancy led short-term project that focuses on skills development of senior managers through effective demonstration, coaching and mentoring techniques.

  • 6. Programme Review

    A review of the programme with manager individuals / teams to assess Self – Efficacy.

We aim to provide each manager with a new understanding of how their business interacts with the market and how their role ‘fits’ into the organisation. We do this by introducing them firstly to the concept of the market and the task –

“Achieving customer satisfaction as measured in return business and increased contribution”.

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